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New UK Agent

We're delighted to announce that The James Brothers are now represented by the immensly friendly and hard working Alan Bearman Music.

Pop over to our Contact Page if you'd like to get in touch with our lovely agent, Sarah Coxson. Or indeed, if you just fancy dropping us a line!

03 Oct, 2015
Macmath shows in D&G


Emily will perform as part of 'The Macmath Collective' this weekend for three special performances of 'Macmath:The Silent Page' which celebrates the work of nineteenth century Galloway song collector William Macmath. The group have recently completed an album of material drawn from the two volumes of songs collected by Macmath and will showcase the album at the performances this weekend which kicks off at Wigtown Book Festival.

For more information and to pre-order your copy of album see here:

28 Sep, 2015
Last few gigs of 2015.

I've got a few gigs with Emily and Matheu lined up for the rest of this year.  We’ve got a couple of shows at Perthshire Amber Festival and the wonderful Christmas tour in December (with the brand new christmas album!)

I've spent a fair amount of time away this year so am looking forward to spending a bit of the autumn at home both in the studio and in the woodshed!

26 Sep, 2015
Cd Echoes

Emily continues to draw on her talent as one of the finest interpreters of traditional song in the UK presenting an album that is unshakeably Scottish but with farther, wider horizons...Learn More

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